Thursday, May 28, 2009

Aussie x 2 and home to Oregon

I have been back in Oregon for four days now, and boy was it nice to get back to summertime! It's been in the 70's + here since I got back and the sun has been shining. Its a nice change from winter in the southern hemisphere. 

I spent my last 10 days down under in Aussie (May 13-23), with Anne again in Sydney and NSW. I was feeling ready to go home and starting to count down the days, but neverless I had an enjoyable and very active time. My stress fracture was finally not giving me problems walking, and so walking we went! During the visit, we logged at least 100km (about 70 miles), backpacking and hiking. The weather was great for it, nice and cool (for OZ) in the 60's and 70's. NZ had been in the 30's and 40's, so it was enjoyable. We went on a 3-day bushwalking trip to the Blue Mts., and joined 3 students from Anne's UNSW Outdoors Club for two of the days. It was great to be with some locals that knew the trails and viewpoints. We also did one 30km day (18 miles) on the costal track, which had some beautiful cliff and beach views. 

After my 10 days in Sydney, I had a long 50+ journey back to good old USA, with one night back in NZ. Now I am getting ready for my graduation from Linfield this Sunday, May 31. 

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