Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Back in Oregon

Hello! I decided to start a blog again to share my adventures around the world this spring. It seamed to work well while I was in Ecuador and it should be a great way to keep in touch. I won't be traveling with a computer so I can't guarantee how often I will be able to post. 

Here are my plans: 

January 2009: TA outdoor environmental studies class in oregon, backcountry skiing and snow camping 

February 2-16, 2009: visit Anne in Sydney, enjoy the city and surrounding areas and hitchhike to the Snowy Mountains 

February 16-May 11: Travel solo in NZ! We will see where this takes me... I will be doing a 21-day Outward Bound NZ Classic course March 1-21 in the Marlbourough Sound on the northern part of the south island. Other than that, I hope to tramp, explore, and meet new people. 

May 11 and onward: Unknown

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